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  • April 2012 - Strange weather! It was unseasonlly warm just before Easter and this really confused the Insect population. People were reporting "Swarms of Wasps or Bees" and "Huge Wasps" in fact the "Swarms" were mostly Drone Flies which normally emerge over a long period of time but appeared at once in the warm weather causing distress to some ,but they are in fact harmless.


If you see swarms of Bees in May, perhaps near a chimney, this is quite normal seasonal activity. Don't Panic! Unless you disturb the Queen it is very unlikely they will cause harm and will likely move on within a few hours.

As for the "Huge Wasps" - again this is the usual seasonal part of the Wasp lifecycle. These are Queen Wasps that have hibernated over the winter and are now starting to build their nests.

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